Alpha Environmental Products

Alpha Environmental Products is a distributor of quality and highly effective environmental products for the marine and land environmental industry. In business for more than 20 years, Alpha Environmental provides a large assortment of absorents and oil-spill cleanup supplies, including our signature spill response kit. Our kit is designed to aid and assist in the cleanup and recovery of spilled hydrocarbon products and keep vessels in full compliance with new regulations for 12-barrel on desk spills for non-tanker vessels.

These kits are specifically designed to meet OPA 90 regulations with regards to vessels having sufficient resources to recover up to 12 barrels (504 gallons) of spilled product. Each kit contains the following components:

  • 500 absorbent pads (100 grade 18" x 18" each)
  • 8-10 lengths of absorbent 5" sausage boom
  • 2 bales of absorbent sweep (100' lengths)
  • 60 heavy-duty plastic contractor bags (6 mil 1g)
  • 4 "Quick Attack Packs"
  • 16 absorbent "socks"
  • 3lb bar of granulated corn-cob absorbent
  • 1 hand pump
  • 6 tyvek overalls
  • 6 pair of protective safety glasses
  • 12 pair of black PVC work gloves
  • 12 pair of yellow light duty rubber gloves
  • 12 pair of glove liners

The above supplies are shipped in 4 plastic 55-gallon drums which double as storage for recovered spill cleanup material. Our kit is attractively priced and includes more inventory than all other competitors' kits currently on the market.

In addition to the kit, Alpha offers a broad range of cleanup products, including absorbent pads, sausage booms of varying length, mini-rugs, snares, skimmer nets, degreasers, sheeting and pollution bags.

For a complete list of products and pricing information, please contact Alpha Environmental at 201-437-0154 or

119 East 22nd Street, Bayonne NJ
201-437-0154; Fax: 201-339-8029
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